Atlanteans v1

Atlanteans v1

Kali ini saya akan membagikan Atlanteans v1 terbaru untuk kalian. Jadi, mari simak apa saja fitur yang ada pada Atlanteans v1 kemudian download melalui link di bawah.

Atlanteans v1
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: ATLANTEAN: a platform adventure game featuring 50 levels set in 5 stunning undersea worlds.


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Pay once, play forever. No in-app purchases. 

Recover the Element Stones from the Mechanicals, solve puzzles, battle enemies, discover treasure, evade traps and rescue escape pods in this epic deep-sea voyage! 

– Journey through lush environments, from the Reef to the Ruins, from the Abyss to the Mines and the Hive. 

– Combat hundreds of enemies, including mech-sharks, demolishers, scorpions, titan-eels and abyss-crawlers. 

– Track down the thief who stole the Elements Stones and bring him to justice. 

Employ Vessel, a loyal mechanical, that will fight its way out of the most dangerous situations. Upgrade it to engage the most fearsome mechanical foes. Explore the labyrinths of the deep ocean, and evade the traps, dangers, pitfalls and fearsome contraptions of the mechanicals! 

Atlantean is set in rich environments filled with strange and fascinating enemies. Lose yourself in this undersea adventure, and discover the mysteries of Atlantis! 


Flaming skull weapon upgrade in level 49

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Atlanteans v1