Apart v1.01

Apart v1.01

Kali ini saya akan membagikan Apart v1.01 terbaru untuk kalian. Jadi, mari simak apa saja fitur yang ada pada Apart v1.01 kemudian download melalui link di bawah.

Apart v1.01
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Apart is a puzzle game where you control two lost characters, Red and Blue. Both characters move at the same time and both in the direction you swipe. Avoid obstacles and lead them together by using the surroundings to your advantage.


Download Apart v1.01 - Direct Link

Explore 5 level packs, each featuring unique landscapes and puzzle mechanics 
• Complete all 75 puzzles 
• Progress through the worlds and overcome obstacles like gates, slippery ice and teleporters 
• Earn bonus stars by using as few moves as possible 
• Gather enough bonus stars to unlock new level packs 

Can you help Red and Blue reunite by solving the challenging puzzles that separate them?

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Apart v1.01